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Service & Experience designer

I am Luc Hermans, a service and experience designer from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. On the 10th of March 2016 I received my master's degree Industrial Design. I focus myself on the full experience of the user. I believe that designing from an experience is a necessity, since products, services and systems get more and more connected. In this, I think it is important to position the user central in the design process. I'm mostly interested in the behaviour of people and how design and technology can assist with this or how new technologies enables new unexpected behaviours, norms and values. This complex social world intrigues me and opens a lot of possibilities for new solutions for different themes, like health, sustainability and smart civilization.

As a designer, having the dialogue and working together with the user makes it able to expose the values they have. With my analytical attitude I am able to translate these values into new concepts and directions. I quickly prototype and iterate on these concepts and develop prototypes that can be experienced to find new requirements and values.

Working closely together with stakeholders stands central. I develop concepts, products and services that embrace the experience of the user.

Design together

I believe that designing together with other designers, developers, users, clients and other stakeholders is key. It enables to gather multiple perspectives and visions, which can inspire and inform.

Value driven

In order to design experiences that amaze the user, you need to know everything about them. I want to have a deep understanding about my user's behaviours, rituals, norms and believes.

Design thinking

I approach every problem by taking a step back and investigate what the underlying problems are. I like to do this in an interactive, iterative and creative way. With this I can inspire others and create new solutions together with them.

Academic lens

As a designer I want to stay critical and analytical. When working on a complex subject, I digest and analyse all the information and make it visually insightfull for myself, my clients and users.

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